Strata Deep operates as a licensed contractor in the State of Alaska, specializing in geo-technical and geo-structural construction. Our experience covers an array of services including driven pile foundations, foundation drilling, helical piers, design-build services, shoring/retaining walls, and ground improvement.

Founded in 2017, we draw on expertise from key personnel some with more than 15 years of deep foundation experience. Strata Deep Constructors’ personnel and management have worked across the country installing deep foundations for power generation, bridges, oil and natural gas processing, docks, and the communication sector. We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional product that employs industry best practices with a high degree of safety and professionalism.


Ben Cruz

Project Manager

Office:  (907) 746-9897
Cell:  (907) 841-1014

Email: Email Ben



Dylan Hodges

Equipment Manager

Office:  (907) 746-9897
Mobile: (907) 355-4336

Email: Email Dylan


Dee Mohammadi

Director of Operations

Office:  (907) 746-9897
Fax:  (907) 746-9885

Email: Email Director


Colton Elkins

Project Engineer II
Office:  (907) 746-9897
Mobile: (907) 318-0357
Email: Colton

Derick Hinson

Administrative Assistant
Office: (907) 746-9897
Email: Derick

Coleton Jungwirth

Working Foreman
Office (907) 519-9070
Email: Coleton


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