Furie Deep Reach Conductor

Project Overview

Project Overview-
Furie had a need to install a conductor casing on their offshore platform based in Cook Inlet Alaska prior to their summertime drilling season. The conductor was to be installed through the platforms main supports, over 200’ below the deck of the production platform and embedding 150’ into the ocean bed.

Strata Deep Constructors was tasked with providing engineering, materials, equipment, and all manpower including certified welders, inspectors, and even the offshore crane operator. Specially designed pile template/work platform was pre-fabricated on land and shipped via work boat to the platform along with all pile driving and all other required equipment. The pile driving hammer was specifically modified to work in conjunction with the client’s platform crane and conductor casing material.

Strata Deep Constructors was able to install the conductor casing to the client’s specifications, depths, and time frame without loss time accidents or damage to existing offshore infrastructure and equipment.